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Declaring the intent of America’s Founding Fathers

What happened?

How did America end up with over 20,000 laws controlling guns when the Bill of Rights says that the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed?”

The simple answer is that Americans have not been actively controlling their local, state, and national government. Government is, by its very nature, in opposition to the natural rights of the individual. The government has intentionally failed to educate each American about his or her rights. Without knowledge of the rights, and how to claim them, the government is in the drivers seat, so to speak.

As all of man’s history on this planet demonstrates, government always encroaches on the natural rights of individuals, passing more and more laws until it appears to have control of every aspect of the individual’s life.

Then, the final act against the individual is to disarm him, leaving him defenseless against the heavily armed and very militaristic mass of people that have congregated into “the government.”

And so it is in America today.