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Declaring the intent of America’s Founding Fathers

The ‘United States’

The most misunderstood phrase in the English language is the “United States.” The misunderstanding comes from the fact that there are actually three different and legally separate entities referred to as the “United States.”

Many people in this country today are proud to be citizen’s of the United States, but that is not what our Founding Fathers intended for us. They intended us to be citizens of our state, and the it was the states that formed the united States of America (the States of America that united).

The Bill of Rights was written to protect the state citizens from the centralized government, but it does not protect the citizens of the United States from the laws of the U.S. Congress. Only “citizens of the several states” enjoy the protection of the Bill of Rights.

To enjoy the intended private and personal rights that create the freedoms and liberty of America, one must understand the legal scheme that government is and how it relys on the citizens misunderstanding of the term “United States.”