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Declaring the intent of America’s Founding Fathers

The Supreme Right Project

The right to keep and bear arms is the supreme right in America. Without this unalienable, natural and absolute right, there would be no Declaration of Independence, no Constitution, no Bill of Rights — there would be no America as we know it.

The right to keep and bear arms is the foundation of American liberty and absolutely necessary to the concept of a sovereign people.

The SUPREME RIGHT PROJECT is a proactive and pre-emptive effort to flood the U.S. Supreme Court with a simple, straightforward, and pre-written letter that clearly states the meaning of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. The court is currently hearing McDonald v Chicago which involves the meaning of the Second Amendment. The court’s website says that the justices receive and read mail from citizens addressed to the court.

SO —

let’s give them an education on what our Founding Fathers meant when they wrote the Second Amendment. Let’s declare the truth that only an armed people can be truly free — and truly free people are always able to be armed.

One million Americans mailing a simple, clear, concise declaration of the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment directly to the justices will go a long way in derailing the progressive legal thought and so-called “judicial activism” that has infected the court and is UNCONSTITUTIONALLY destroying our freedoms.

For a printed copy of the two-page letter to mail to the court, email and we will send you a PDF file.