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Declaring the intent of America’s Founding Fathers

Reality check

Government is a creation of man. Government does not occur naturally in life. In reality, government in America is a corporation with only the authority given to it in its founding contract — the Constitution.

America was established upon the principle that government is a “necessary evil.” Government is necessary in an advancing society, but history proves that it is always misused by people for personal gain — hence the “evil” nature. It was to be limited in power and influence in each person’s life. Limited government allows freedom and liberty. The bigger government becomes, the more enslaved and controlled the citizens become.

George Washington said of government:

“Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

Thomas Jefferson said:

“That government is best that governs least.”

The Founding Fathers and their entire generation believed that only moral people could be free.

James Madison stated:

“We have staked the whole of our political institutions on the capacity of mankind to govern themselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

Samuel Adams said on July 4, 1776, referring to the signing of the Declaration of Independence:

“We have this day restored the Sovereign to whom all men ought to be obedient.”